Guided tour of new Bilbao: Gran Via and Abando

In 1870 Bilbao was joined to the church courtyard of Abando, essential to process of the expansion and thanks to it, Bilbao became a great cosmopolitan city. Along this visit, we will stroll through large avenues such as the Gran Vía Don Diego López de Haro. The economic development and Bilbao’s industrial strength will stay reflected on magnificent premises like the Foral Government’s palace, BBVA and BBK banks’ headquarters or the Hotel Carlton. The tour will finish at Abandoibarra, place where Bilbao has begun to transform into a 21st century’s model city thanks to the tram, the Guggenheim Museum or Deusto’s library.

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Pre-reserve guided tour Bilbao Gran Vía
Visita Guiada Bilbao Gran Vía
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