Tour across the three sailorsīvillages (Full day)

(Zarautz / Getaria / Zumaia)

The Basque Coast is full of cliffs and tiny sailors’ villages which enhances to the province a special value, where we can find different spots on the same route. The first place to visit is Zarautz, which it is famous because of its beach and the importance that used to have to spend the summer. Secondly, we will visit Getaria, a town which preserves an exceptional medieval quarter where San Salvador’s Church enhances from it. Getaria was birthplace of Juan Sebastián El Cano or the fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga. For finishing this journey, we cannot miss the opportunity of discovering the millenary Flysch of Zumaia; an important geologic sequence where has been registered the Earth’s history, from the disappearance of dinosaurs to the different climate changes.

There is a possibility for visiting the Flysch by boat.

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Tour across the three sailorsīvillages
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