Urdaibai tour 2; the painted biscay.(Full day)

(Santimamiñe / Oma)

The cave of Santimamiñe, located in Basondo, was discovered in 1916. It has a group of 50 paints made with carbon 14.000 years ago by Palaeolithic human groups. Thanks to a 3D virtual copy, we will be able to enjoy the paints in a sustainable and responsible way. The route will continue with more artistic representations, in this case by the hand of Agustin Ibarrola. At the end of the 60 decades, Ibarrola painted Oma forest. On it, like the painters of Santimamiñe did, the Basque artist expressed the nature’s, town’s and mythology’s soul. He captured his love to the cave’s art and muralism.

This itinerary is not set up for wheel chairs or baby carriages. The visit to Oma’s forest lasts about 3 hours walk

Pre-reserve Urdaibai tour 2
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