(Zarautz // Getaria // Zumaia)

In this guided tour you will discover the Basque coast, full of cliffs and small fishing villages that give the region a very special touch. Zarautz is famous for its spectacular beach and for its relevance as a summer destination in the 19th century. In addition, Karlos Arguiñano’s Restaurant is also located here. Later on, the tour takes us to Getaria. Enjoy and walk through its formidable medieval old part where the church of San Salvador stands out. Getaria was the birthplace of important artists such as Juan Sebastián Elcano or Cristóbal Balenciaga. Finally, do not miss out on the opportunity to visit the thousand-year-old Flysch of Zumaia, an important sequence of sedimentary rock layers that captures the entire history of the Earth, from the dinosaur extinction to the current climatic changes. This unique landscape has been the setting for the internationally acclaimed series Game of Thrones.

Flysch area can also be visited by boat.

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